SMART Visa Program

By the Order of the Ministry of Interior dated 30 January B.E. 2561 (2018), starting from 1 February 2018, Thailand will launch SMART Visa, a new type of visa designed to attract highly skilled manpower and investors in targeted industries. Details are as follows:
1. Qualifications and Criteria
SMART Visa is offered to foreign experts, executives, entrepreneurs and investors who wish to enter Thailand to work or to invest in the following “10 S-Curve industries”, namely 
1) Next-Generation Automotive 
2)  Smart Electronics 
3) Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism 
4) Agriculture and Biotechnology 
5) Food for the Future 
6) Automation and Robotics 
7) Aviation and Logistics 
8) Biofuels and Biochemicals 
9) Digital 
10) Medical Hub
The applicants for SMART Visa must have qualifications according to the criteria specified by the Government. Their qualifications will be verified by designated agencies.
2. Types of SMART Visa
2.1 “T” (Talent)
2.2 “I” (Investor)
2.3 “E” (Executive)
2.4 “S” (Startup)
2.5 “O” (Spouse and Children)
3. Procedures for Applying for Qualification Endorsement
3.1 The applicant can submit an application for qualification endorsement for SMART Visa at One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit (OSS) in Bangkok or, alternatively, lodge their documents at the Royal Thai Embassies and the Royal Thai Consulate-Generals.
3.2 After having received complete documents, OSS will coordinate with related agencies to verify and certify the qualifications of the applicant.
3.3 The related agencies will notify OSS of the results of the verification.
3.4 OSS will notify the applicant, the Immigration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant agencies of the result of qualification endorsement application.
The total processing time frame is 30 working days from the date of OSS’s receipt of complete documents.
4. Visa Issuance
Once notified by OSS, the applicant can apply for SMART Visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai Consulate-General located in the country of the applicant’s nationality or residence or having jurisdiction covering the applicant’s country of nationality or residence. If the applicant resides in Thailand, the applicant can apply for SMART Visa at the Immigration at the OSS.
5. Validity of visa multiple entries, with validity of visa of 1-4 years.
6. Visa Fees 
1,200 PLN 1 year multiple entries
2,400 PLN 2 years multiple entries
3,600 PLN 3 years multiple entries
4,800 PLN 4 years multiple entries
7. Further information at