News : The Royal Thai Embassy in Pretoria joined Diplomatic Funfair 2018 News

News : The Royal Thai Embassy in Pretoria joined Diplomatic Funfair 2018

The Royal Thai Embassy in Pretoria joined Diplomatic Funfair 2018

                      On 8 December 2018, the Royal Thai Embassy in Pretoria, led by H.E. Mr. Komate Kamalanavin, Ambassador of Thailand to the                          Republic of South Africa, joined other 20 Embassies accredited to South Africa in the Annual Diplomatic Funfair 2018 organized by                                            the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) at Pretoria Pioneer Museum in Silverton under the theme                                                         “Honouring Madiba –   A Global Champion of Human Rights, Peace and Reconciliation”. Each participating embassy showcased and                                    promoted products and the cultural heritage of its country.

                     The Royal Thai Embassy’s booth entertained and attracted many visitors from all walks of life, including South African youths who                     were impressed by the uniqueness of Thai hospitality and seek to discover more about Thai culture.  Fifteen-minute sessions of Thai traditional              massage were offered free of charge to the visitors by a professional Thai massage therapist from Thai-owned Rachavadee Spa located in            Johannesburg. Thai street food style, such as fried chicken and sticky rice as well as Thai-style fried noodles were offered to the visitors.                                  The Royal Thai Embassy also provided information on various tourist destinations around Thailand.

                      Thailand has increasingly become a top tourist destination for South African travellers. Last year (2017) about 93,000 South African                     trip makers/ tourists visited Thailand. It is expected that over 100,000 South Africans would have visited Thailand by year end.

                      The Embassy’s participation in the event organized by DIRCO not only provided an opportunity for Thailand to further promote                            Thai food, culture and tourism among the local South Africans, but also to increase people to people contact as it provides a solid foundation                                for strengthened relationship as a whole. The event also coincided with the auspicious occasion as the Kingdom of Thailand and the Republic                            of Africa celebrates 25th Anniversary  establishment of formal Diplomatic relations between the two countries on 9 December this year.