News : “Thai Fair for Thai’s Friend” makes a wave in Pretoria” News

News : “Thai Fair for Thai’s Friend” makes a wave in Pretoria”

            Sunday in Pretoria has liven up a little at the Royal Thai Embassy in Arcadia, Pretoria, where the Embassy, in conjunction with the Thai community, hosted the first-ever “Thai Fair for Thai’s Friends” on 25 February 2018.

            The bazaar was energized from the 13 Thai exhibitors from Thai communities in Johannesburg and Pretoria and 400 Thais, South Africans, and members of the diplomatic corps, during the course of 5 hours event. Both kids and adults got to experience a glimpse of what Thailand has to offer in terms of food, drinks, products, music, and entertainment, from well-known choices, such as Pad Thai, Papaya Salad, and Thai massage, to the less-known delicacies such as North-Eastern Style Sausage, Thai tea, “Soi Dao” (Thai Raffles), as well as Thai instant noodle and Thai herbs. The Embassy also organized an exhibition called “Reliving the 25th years of Relations between Thailand and South Africa” to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Thailand and South Africa, showing various historical pieces that the Embassy collected throughout the 25 years of Relations. The promotion of tourist destinations in Thailand was also on display.

            Mr. Paisit Boonparlit, Charge d’Affaire a.i., expressed his hope that the event would bring together members of both the Thai and South African communities to further increase exchanges and strengthen ties between the two countries, especially in view of the upcoming celebration of the 25th Anniversary this years. The Royal Thai Embassy wishes to thank all those who joined in friendly environment from all aspects of life. We look forward to hosting similar events with the support of local communities.