News : Responsible Business and Human Rights Forum News

News : Responsible Business and Human Rights Forum

Thailand together with the OECD and several international organizations held the Responsible Business and Human Rights Forum

(RBHR Forum) in June 2019.  The Forum was held in Bangkok, for the first time outside the OECD Headquarter in Paris, as part of

the third edition of the Bangkok Business and Human Rights (BBHR) week with the purpose of building a momentum on these issues in Asia.

The Forum received great attention and was an outstanding success with over 700 participants from 60 countries.


The RBHR Forum is part of the Fostering Responsible Businees Conduct (RBC) Project, a project under Thailand -OECD Country Programme 

with an aim to raise awareness of RBC and encourage businesses to conduct their businesses responsibly by drawing good practices

from OECD Due Diligence Guidance for RBC. These include corporate social responsibility, respecting human rights, environmental

protection, labour relations and financial accountability.


The implementation of Fostering RBC project is another example which reflects Thailand's determination to keep the issue of business

and human rights as its top priority. In addition, Thailand is among the very first countries in Asia to initiate the drafting of the 

National Action Plan on business and human rights (NAP) as part of efforts to disseminate and implement the UN Guiding Principles

on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).