Top Stories : “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability”: Prime Minister announces theme of Thailand's 2019 ASEAN Chairmanship News

Top Stories : “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability”: Prime Minister announces theme of Thailand's 2019 ASEAN Chairmanship

“Advancing Partnership for Sustainability”: Prime Minister announces theme of Thailand's 2019 ASEAN Chairmanship

PM announces theme of Thailand’s 2019 ASEAN chairmanship as “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability”

November 15, 2018, at 1630hrs, at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Republic of Singapore, Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha attended ASEAN chairmanship handover ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. Lt. Gen. Werachon Sukondhapatipak, Deputy Government Spokesperson, disclosed gist as follows:
The Prime Minister commended Prime Minister of Singapore for his role as ASEAN chairman, and affirmed that Thailand would continue to push forward ASEAN’s priority issues, especially ASEAN Smart City Network, for the region’s sustainability. He also emphasized the importance in addressing changes and challenges, i.e., trade and political competitions, exponential technologies, cross-border crimes, disparity, and change of social structure in the region. All concerned parties need to forge closer cooperation on the basis of ASEAN unity and the 3Ms principle: mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual interests, in order to achieve tangible results and sustainability for ASEAN in all dimensions.
The Prime Minister took the occasion to announce theme of Thailand’s 2019 ASEAN chairmanship, “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability”.
According to the Prime Minister, the theme’s first component, “Advancing”, signifies ASEAN’s vision and dynamic move toward the future by capitalizing on technological evolution from the 4th Industrial Revolution, and enhancing competitiveness, in parallel with creating immunity system against exponential technologies and other future challenges. This is in order for the region, especially its MSMEs, to become the “Digital ASEAN”.
The second component, “Partnership”, underscored promoting partnership within ASEAN, and with dialogue partners and the global community through ‘ASEAN Plus One’, and ASEAN's centrality in the regional architecture. Economic cooperation with global partners will be reinforced on the basis of balances and people’s interests. ASEAN’s role at the international stage in addressing key global issues, i.e., climate change, will also be enhanced. Connectivity in various dimensions will be promoted, both in infrastructure, regulatory regime, people-to-people connectivity (especially in the context of ‘ASEAN’s Year of Culture’ in 2019), and connecting connectivity strategies within the region toward the ‘Seamless ASEAN’.
Under the third component, “Sustainability” will be promoted in all dimensions, i.e., sustainable security, economic growth, green economy, and sustainable development. Establishment of ASEAN Centre for Sustainable Development Studies and Dialogue, and ASEAN Center for Active Aging and Innovation (ACAI) will play an important role in achieving the goal.
Lastly, the Prime Minister encouraged ASEAN member states, people and all sectors of ASEAN to take collective action in creating “ASEAN Brand” in order to add more strategic values, and promote ASEAN’s identity and people-centricity without leaving anyone behind.