Top Stories : Thailand's statement at the UPR of Senegal News

Top Stories : Thailand's statement at the UPR of Senegal

Statement by the Delegation of Thailand

by Mr. Phanpob Plangprayoon

Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative

at the Review of Senegal

during the 31st Session of the Working Group on the UPR

on Monday, 5 November 2018, 14:30-18:00 hrs.

(Speaker Number: 105 / Speaking Time: 1 minute 5 seconds)


Mr. President,

Thailand welcomes the delegation of Senegal to the third cycle of the UPR.

Thailand applauds Senegal’s active role as member of the Human Rights Council and welcomes its commitment to promote and protect human rights, especially women and children’s rights.

Thailand welcomes steps undertaken to strengthen gender policy. This includes the national strategy for gender equality, revised mandate of the Ministry of Women, Family and Gender, and increase in women’s representation both in parliament and key government positions.

Thailand appreciates Senegal’s HIV/AIDS control programs and multi-stakeholder partnership, which have led to substantial decline in the HIV/AIDS infection rate.

Thailand recommends the following for Senegal’s consideration:

First: Undertake further capacity-building and awareness-raising programs to combat stigma and discrimination against persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Second: Complete the drafting of the Children’s Code taking into consideration the views of all relevant stakeholders, in particular children and youth.

We wish Senegal every success in this UPR.

Thank you.