Top Stories : Right of Reply Delegation of Thailand General Debate – Item 4 News

Top Stories : Right of Reply Delegation of Thailand General Debate – Item 4

Right of Reply

Delegation of Thailand

General Debate – Item 4


Mr. President,


Thailand wishes to provide clarification on the issues of fundamental freedoms, as raised by one CSO representative, as follows:


  • Building on the announcement of human rights as our national agenda, the Government of Thailand remains committed to our human rights obligations.
  • While respecting freedom of expression and freedom of assembly as fundamental pillars of a democratic society, we must also respect the balance between the exercise of such freedoms and the peace and order of the society as a whole. The Government does not encourage messages that would lead to social divisiveness which may infringe upon the rights and freedoms of others.
  • In this regard, Thailand underscores the importance of the respect for national laws and regulations which are in place to guarantee the rights and freedom of our people as well as to foster a peaceful society. Thus, government officials must be able to duly carry out their duties pursuant to the law.
  • As we pave way towards the general elections, the Government is working on creating conducive environment, such as the registration of new political parties. The assemblies that do not violate the laws, including those concerning peoples’ well-being as well as political issues, can also be organised.
  • The Government has placed efforts in the capacity building of law enforcement and military officials with regard to human rights to prevent human rights violations, including through the misuse of laws.
  • Furthermore, we recognize the contribution of the works of human rights defenders and journalists, among others, for the advancement of human rights and encourage constructive engagement with all stakeholders. Accordingly, the draft National Human Rights Plan for 2019 – 2022 has included the roles of human rights defenders and the media in the promotion of human rights and the Court of Justice has taken the initiative to introduce the anti-SLAPP law.


I thank you, Mr. President.