News Update : The promotion of Street Food in Bangkok  News

News Update : The promotion of Street Food in Bangkok

As Bangkok has been recently ranked by various organisations and media, particularly the CNN, as the best city for street food, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and the Tourism Authority of Thailand have committed to promoting this outstanding feature of Bangkok in a sustainable manner, especially in the areas of Yaowarat and Khao San roads. This will ensure good hygiene that complies with internationally accepted standards. The Governor of Bangkok has instructed all related departments to coordinate with other government agencies including the Metropolitan Police Bureau and its Traffic Division to work towards the best and most feasible solutions.

Some measures that are under consideration by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Government for implementation are as follows:

1. Street food vendors are to strictly observe the universal hygienic standards when preparing and serving food;

2. Food stalls should reflect local identities and be of uniform format;

3. Current street food vendors can continue their businesses as long as they are operating in accordance with measures that aim to make Street Food a clean and sustainable feature of Bangkok;

4. BMA will organise training programmes for all street food vendors after which certain tests will also be conducted to ensure that they can operate according to BMA’s requirements; and

5. Particular attention will be paid to dish cleaning and waste management i.e. cleaning dishes on pavements will be strictly prohibited.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand are working to ensure that Bangkok continues to offer locals and tourists healthy street food that conforms to universal hygienic standards.