Top Stories : Thai Gastronomy and Cooking Demonstration in Cordoba News

Top Stories : Thai Gastronomy and Cooking Demonstration in Cordoba

On 9 November 2017, Mrs. Ruttikul Chansuriya, Ambassador of Thailand to Spain, led Team Thailand (Office of Commercial Affairs in Madrid/Fiscal Policy Office in London/Board of Investment of Thailand  Office in Paris) to attend the seminar 
“Lujo-Gourmet” organized  by the University of Cordoba at Fundacion Cajasol, Cordoba, in which Thailand was chosen as the first invited country for this 3rd edition. The seminar is aimed at exchanging experiences and best practices in promoting premium/gourmet food products, and networking between public and private sectors and the University of Cordoba. There were over 120 participants, including students, professors, entrepreneurs and representatives of Cordoba’s local government, who also had the chance to taste fried acheta (house crickets) and fried chrysalis (silkworms) which could be regarded as Thailand’s novel food.
After the morning session of seminar, the Royal Thai Embassy in Madrid organized a cooking demonstration of Thai food (Pad Thai which is Thai fried noodle and Yam Nua which is Thai spicy beef salad) by the chef from the Thai Residence.  There were more than 50 participants, including food professionals, professors from the University of Cordoba, local media, who had the chance to taste the Thai dishes prepared during the cooking demonstration.