Top Stories : ASEAN Committee in Madrid visited Vigo, Galicia News

Top Stories : ASEAN Committee in Madrid visited Vigo, Galicia

On 17 September 2017,  ASEAN Committee in Madrid (ACM) was invited by Indonesian Ambassador to Spain to visit Vigo, an important maritime industry, fishery, tourism and service hub in Galicia, and participated in launching ceremony of the Navy Training Ship of Indonesia built in Vigo, "KRI Bima Suci" which will be used as a joint training ship  for ASEAN Navy Cadets in the future.  Mr. Abel Caballero, Mayor of Vigo was the guest of honour on the said event.  This training ship left Vigo Port in the afternoon of September 18 and will arrive Jakarta within the next two months.
On  18 September 2017,  ACM held the monthly meeting on the ship.  Four ASEAN Ambassadors and the CD of the Philippines also gave short remarks to the Navy cadets about the role of ACM in raising awareness on ASEAN Community in Spain.