Press Release : COVID-19: SCG Thailand’s Innovative Modular Swab Unit News

Press Release : COVID-19: SCG Thailand’s Innovative Modular Swab Unit

COVID-19: SCG Thailand’s Innovative Modular Swab Unit

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many Thai private sectors together with academic institutes have created numerous innovations to save lives and to prevent damage for the Thai society.

One of Thailand’s leading businesses, Siam Cement Group (SCG), has innovated the “Modular Swab Unit”, which intertwines latest building technologies to provide solutions to this health emergency.  This compact unit allows hospitals to safely and swiftly screen for patients at risk.  Its screening system ensures safety for medical professionals as it provides separated areas for doctors and patients while the unit is pressure-controlled which decreases the risk of infections for medical professionals and those screening for the COVID-19 virus.  These units are able to be installed in confined areas and within 3 days in order to promptly respond to medical emergency demands.

The Modular Swab Unit introduces advanced technologies from SCG Heim that protect and reduce risks of contraction for both medical professionals and patients comprehensively, for example:

  • The units offer an air flow system called “Smart Indoor Air Quality ” (IAG Smart) which maintains adequate air pressure and airflow to ensure clean and safe air.  The air tightness system keeps the units sealed and prevent air migration producing effective pressure control;
  • During procedures, medical professionals are in a positive pressure room where contaminated air is barred to ensure a clean and safe environment, while suspected patients are in a negatively pressurized room equipped with constant suction to prevent the virus from escaping, thereby protecting the medical staff;
  • For the swabbing process, the medical professionals would insert their hands through a plastic glove-covered slot through an acrylic sheet to collect the sample, lowering any risks of infection from patients;
  • Use of concentrated UV radiation to kill the virus (UV Germicide) in the room after each use. 

This home-grown innovation created on basic practicality with the most appropriate technology is another testimony of Thailand’s unparalleled capacity and preparedness to cope with various health risks and challenges.   

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