Top Stories : Ambassador of Thailand joined the gathering of Thai students societies in the UK News

Top Stories : Ambassador of Thailand joined the gathering of Thai students societies in the UK

On 3 November 2018, Mr. Pisanu Suvanajata, Ambassador of Thailand to the United Kingdom and Ireland, delivered opening remarks at the Samaggi Summit, an annual meeting of Thai student societies in the UK who are members of Samaggi Samagom, the umbrella Association of Thai students in the UK. The event was attended by over 80 Thai students from various universities across the UK.

In his remarks, the Ambassador highlighted a crucial role of Thai students as "brand ambassador" to help promote Thailand and its standing in the world stage, as well as to share correct and updated information about Thailand with their professors, friends, and other people they meet.  The Ambassador shared his experiences and thoughts, and encouraged the students to undertake extracurricular activities to enhance their skills, while managing their time and doing well for study.  Thai students in the UK already have advantages in terms of quality education, and the society and their future employers will expect highly of them. So, it is important that the students groom themselves well, in terms of academic excellence and other life skills.  The Ambassador also emphasised the support of the Embassy, which is a second home to Thai students and always ready to lend helping hands, to help Thai students realise their potentials and encourage them to go back to Thailand to help develop the country to progress and prosperity.

Afterwards, the Ambassador and his spouse, as well as Ms. Thanida Techachokviwat, Minister for Education, and Embassy officials, had a meeting with Samaggi Samagom’s academic team to guide them in their preparation for the 11th Samaggi Academic Conference and 2nd Career Fair, to be held during 15-17 February 2019.  It will be the first time that the Anglo-Thai Society will support the 11th Samaggi Academic Conference, as a way to engage more with Thai students in order to help foster the Thailand-UK relations as it was the purpose of the Society. Such cooperation reflects increased people-to-people cooperation between Thailand and the UK, as well as the role and the capability of Thai students, both in academic and non-academic aspects, and the close relations between the Embassy and the Thai student societies.