Ambassador of Thailand opened the 7th Health Challenge UK  News

Ambassador of Thailand opened the 7th Health Challenge UK

On 29 June 2019, Mr. Pisanu Suvanajata, Ambassador of Thailand to the UK, presided over the opening of 7th Health Challenge UK at the Office of Educational Affairs, attended by around 90 students in health sciences from across the UK, including 26 students to present their research work. Also present were Ms. Thanida Techachokvivat, Minister for Educational Affairs of Royal Thai Embassy in London, and Dr. Manop Sittidech, Minister Counsellor for Science and Technology of Royal Thai Embassy in Brussels. 

The Ambassador of Thailand emphasised the importance of extracurricular activities which would help build up skills and experiences valuable to future careers, including management and presentation skills, as well as build network of friends from different institutions who could become future working partners.  The Ambassador also shared his views on career opportunities in health sciences as they are important subjects which are foundation for innovations that can serve relevant sectors under Thailand 4.0 strategy and help further promote Thailand as the regional hub for medical services.  Qualified human resources are much needed to achieve all these. Both the public and the business sectors are looking to recruit new graduates with qualifications and skills to help innovate and create new products to uplift the living standards.  In order to commercialise research works for the benefits of the people, the Embassy is working to engage the industries in academic seminars like this one, so that good ideas can be implemented and applied into practical uses.  

Health Challenge UK is an academic forum, initiated by Thai students in the UK studying health sciences, for knowledge sharing and networking among fellow students from different institutions whose friendship will be the basis for expanding cooperation in the future after their graduation and return to work in Thailand.   It also serves as a learning forum where speakers are invited to share their knowledge and exchange views on topics of interests. Health Challenge UK is supported by the Office of Educational Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy in London, and the Office of Science and Technology, Royal Thai Embassy in Brussels.