Visa Information

Visa du lịch | Tourist Visa



This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter the Kingdom for tourism purposes .



  • Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months
  • Visa application form completely filled out
  • Recent( 4 x 6 cm.) photograph (s) of the applicant
  • Evidence of travel (air/bus ticket to and from Thailand)
  • Evidence of adequate finance (20,000 Baht per person and 40,000 Baht per family)

          Applicants of Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa are required to submit  the following documents;

  • Letter of Employment
  • Evidence of accommodation booking
  • Evidence of adequate finance: at least 200,000 THB/ 5,700 USD per person (6 months financial statement) or 400,000 THB/ 11,400 USD per family

                   Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa will only be granted to Vietnamese passport holders or Vietnamese Temporary/ Permanent Resident Card holders.

  • Consular officers reserve the rights to request additional documents as deemed necessary


40 USD for Single-Entry
200 USD for Multiple-Entry

Two working days


Single-entry: 3 months
Multiple-entry: 6 months


Upon arrival, travellers with this type of visa will be permitted to stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 60 days.
The Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa holder may enter Thailand again as long as the visa is still valid. 


Those who wish to stay longer or may wish to change their type of visa must file an application for permission at the Office of Immigration Bureau located on Government Complex Building B, Chaengwattana Soi 7, Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Tel 0-2141-9889 . The extension of stay as well as the change of certain type of visa is solely at the discretion of the Immigration officer.


Nationals of certain countries are required to apply for a visa only at the Thai Embassy or Consulate-General in their home/residence country or at the designated Thai Embassy. Therefore, travellers are adivised to contact the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate-General to find out where they may apply for a visa to Thailand before departure.


Additional documents required for citizens from some countries in

South Asia / Middle East / Africa/ the People’s Republic of China and
the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


Citizens from the following countries can apply for visa at the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Ho Chi Minh City if they have residence in Vietnam or meet certain conditions.
If not, applicants must apply for visa in their home countries.

Having residence in Vietnam: People’s Republic of China/ Bangladesh/ India/ Nepal/ Pakistan/ Sri Lanka/ Algeria/ Egypt/ Iran/ Lebanon/ Libya/ Palestine/ Syria/ Yemen/
Central African Republic/ Cameroon/ Republic of Congo/ Democratic Republic of Congo/ Equatorial Guinea/ Guinea/ Ghana/ Liberia/ Nigeria/ Sao Tome and Principe/ Sierra Leone/ Somalia/ Sudan

Approval from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand:

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea/ Iraq

Having residence in Vietnam and approval from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand: Afghanistan

Special conditions:

1. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China who do not have the residence in Vietnam may be able to apply for Tourist/ Transit visa one time if they have the tickets to and from Thailand and evidence of accommodation booking in Thailand.

2. Nepalese citizens who do not have the residence in Vietnam may be able to apply for visa if they can provide the guarantee letter from Nepalese Embassy/ Consulate/ Honorary Consulate or Thai-Nepal Chamber of Commerce.


Additional document required :

1.    Three passport-sized photo (4x6 cm) taken within 6 months, size 4x6 cm.

2.    Valid Vietnamese Business Visa and Work Permit /Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam

3.    Confirmed round-trip ticket or confirmed ticket showing a transit in Thailand.

4.    Confirmation letter from the company where the applicant is working.

1.    Evidence of adequate finance (equivalent to 20,000 Baht per person and 40,000 Baht per family)



* Nationals of Brazil, Republic of Korea and Peru are entitled for tourist visa exemption scheme. Meanwhile, Thailand also holds bilateral agreements on visa exemption for  holders of diplomatic, official and ordinary passport for a visit of not exceeding with Brazil, Republic of Korea and Peru.

 * If such nationals enter the Kingdom at the Immigration checkpoints which border neighboring countries, they will be allowed to stay for 15 days each time, except (1) Malaysian nationals who cross the borderline from Malaysia (2) Nationals of the  countries :USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and  Japan, whose granted period of stay will not exceed 30 days each time. In addition, such nationals who hold diplomatic and official passports are also practically exempted from visa for tourism.