Aktiivisuus : Thai Festival in Finland 2017  Activity

Aktiivisuus : Thai Festival in Finland 2017

Thai Festival in Finland 2017


                     On 8- 9 July 2017 , the Royal Thai Embassy in collaboration with Banditpattanasilpa Institute, Ministry of Culture of Thailand , Thai Airways International ,Tourism Authority of Thailand and International Culture Center of the City of Helsinki (Caisa) organized the “Thailand Festival in Finland 2017” at Keskuskatu ,downtown Helsinki. The two-day programme of Thai Festival in Finland offered the audience with cultural performances of talented young artists from Banditpattanapsilpa Institute, Muay Thai boxing demonstration from Muay Tribe boxing gym Helsinki, Thai food, Thai massage and Thai local products. The Tourism Authority of Thailand also arranged workshops on Thai handicraft. There was the competition for two free air tickets to Thailand sponsored by Thai Airways International and Turkish Airlines.  The Thai Festival aims to promote and enhance foreigners’ awareness of Thainess and Thai culture.  Over 50,000 people visited the Thai Festival in Finland this year.

                      Additionally, to celebrate 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence, the Royal Thai Embassy invited Banditpattanasilpa Institute to perform a special Thai cultural show at Helsinki City Hall on 10 July 2017.