Embassy’s Activities  : “VIVA ASEAN” Cultural Performance at the Tivoli Gardens News

Embassy’s Activities : “VIVA ASEAN” Cultural Performance at the Tivoli Gardens


On 7 and 8 July 2019, the Royal Thai Embassy, in collaboration with the Embassies of ASEAN member states in Copenhagen, namely Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, as well as the Ministry of Culture of Thailand presented the “VIVA ASEAN” Cultural Performance by artists from 10 ASEAN countries at the Open Air Stage, Tivoli Gardens, which is the one of the World’s most popular and oldest theme parks. The performances received a lot of attention from visitors, including the diplomatic corps, Danish and foreign tourists and youths. It is the first time that cultural performances of the 10 ASEAN countries are brought together and presented as one in Denmark. Denmark is also the first foreign country visited by the VIVA ASEAN cultural troupe, which aims to make ASEAN and ASEAN culture better understood, become more popular and promoted further in Denmark.

The VIVA ASEAN performance is part of the “ASEAN Cultural Roadshow : Oneness to the World” initiated by the Ministry of Culture of Thailand to celebrate the occasion that Thailand as Chair of ASEAN has declared this year the “ASEAN Cultural Year 2019”. The performance presents the cultures of 10 ASEAN countries as one to the world under the theme “Diversity, Creativity and Sustainability”. In addition to the Tivoli Gardens, which welcomes 17,000 visitors per day, VIVA ASEAN was also performed at the Thai Festival in Copenhagen on 6 July 2019 and will also be performed in the Netherlands on 11 – 14 July 2019.