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News & Activities : Advice on Pre-sale Ticket for Commercial Flights to Thailand

As a number of airlines begin to resume their international flights schedule and some may open pre-sale ticket for commercial flights to Thailand starting from late June 2020, despite the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) not yet confirming whether the international flights suspension will be abolished by 30 June 2020.

In this regard, to prevent passengers from the possibility that international flights may not be able to operate to Thailand as claimed by the airlines and passengers may face difficulties to have their ticket refunded, the Embassy thus wishes to suggest that passengers delay purchasing flight tickets to Thailand until CAAT officially confirms the schedule to re-open the airport in Thailand. Furthermore, in the case that CAAT decides to re-open the airport, some restriction may be put in place, in particular, flights restriction from countries with high number of COVID-19 infection. The list of such countries are also to be confirmed.

In addition, those who wish to return to Thailand must obtain approval and/or given quota to enter the country and must obtain documents including health certificate and a letter from the Embassy for Thai nationals and Certificate of Entry (COE) for foreign nationals. Furthermore, all arrival passengers are required to be under state quarantine for 14 days.